Monday, August 8, 2011

Living at the edges of time...

Last Spring/Summer, I was getting the feeling that the layers/dimensions of time/s were compressing and I was sensing a bleedthrough happening more and more. Lately, though, I have progressed from my feelings about dimensions/time-space frames bleeding through and compressing, to them approaching integration into only one time-space continuum. This is what the shift is all about. Then end of separate dimensions/layers of time and the beginning of the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS as an integrated whole. I am more and more aware of soul groups gathering in a more organized fashion - I find myself more and more readily with folks I resonate to and so I think about cymatics and how as the Earth’s vibration rises, of course we reorganize into more complex and beautiful arrangements. Of course we find our way to those we’ve shared lifetimes with (or more accurately, are always sharing with them). Perhaps, more realistically, they are actually pieces and parts of US. As the layers converge, we will integrate into our original ONE. One self. And ultimately, perhaps, one consciousness that is comprised by us ALL. Of course then I think it can’t matter that we gravitate toward a select few - for we all still comprise the whole. But then no, I remember we are but parts of the whole, and so of course those of us who are the liver are together, those who are the feet are together and so on. We are still one body. We must still find our design and fit our roles together. Complete the circuit, the circle, repolarize. Only when we are ready to act as one will we complete this unification. What can make us do this? What can make us ready to act as ONE?????


bruce4j said...

I like the image of people in "complex and beautiful arrangements." Life as dance. so:

one light

many lights

one by one
many lights
and hands

into bright
making whole


Honor Woodard said...

Thanks Bruce - Funny - I have been thinking of you a lot lately and wanting to check in, but for spotty internet connection with many interruptions. Also, what you wrote reminds me of something I put into a digital recorder on last years journey to Paducah - now I will have to dig that up. Let me know how you are. I hope well. - Ah, overhead I hear the sound of Sandhill Cranes flying over...

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