Monday, May 24, 2010

Yes, I have

been doing more of these drawings - just haven't found time to scan and post them. The scanner wasn't altogether cooperating, so the one from today got cut off on the sides, but you get the idea. I am liking these and think it's so interesting how different they are, each from the others...

May 24, 10:30am

May 23, 11:40am

May 23, 11am

May 22, midnight

May 20, 2:40 pm

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


These are all so different from each other. It is fun to follow the mystery. Some days I wonder if they come from the paper in this book that was handmade in India (I think)...

And - I usually post them in the orientation in which they were made, but it's pretty interesting to look at them upside down, too...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A couple more...

I am enjoying the diversity and strangeness of these little drawings. I begin by looking at the page and waiting for the circle to appear. Once I have drawn the circle, I wait for the other shapes to show themselves. They are fragments that, once they are all drawn, create a whole. I continue to be surprised and amused at how they come together to form something distinct and seemingly complete. Here, one from yesterday and one from today:

May 17, noon

May 18, 9am

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Yesterday afternoon, Sundew and Honeybear and I were in the kitchen. It was about to storm, so I was unplugging a few things, and then FLASH, BAM, POW!!! Lighting must have struck the power line at my roof above the kitchen. It was like it struck and then sent a ball of light and sound into the kitchen with us. Needless to say, we scattered (and I screamed) and we all darted into the main cabin and scattered some more. I don't usually see HB get freaked out about anything, but this got her pretty good, and Sundew went and hid for the next hour or so. Very exciting....

And the drawings - I am continuing to enjoy the quiet meditative aspect of them, and the continual surprise as they come together piece by piece and yet seem as if there was a design for them all along. Very interesting....

May 15, 7:30am

May 15, 5pm

May 16, 4pm

May 16, 9:30pm

Friday, May 14, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I had an image in my mind about how we connect to each other and how there is some part of each us in another dimension that is activated by this. It is out of our range of perception, but is there nonetheless. I started working on this visually and it led somewhere else altogether. Each day I have done one of these and I will continue for the time being. I'm not in love with all of them, but sometimes it's nice to include it all for the sake of continuity. Crossing the membrane... pulling the other side through...

From my notes...I feel that time is collapsing in on itself right now. There is a lot of bleed-through. Time seems to be melding. Our earlier lives are coming to the surface, merging. We buy each other time. We activate each other on the other side of the membrane of our current dimension into the next one we are approaching. We are much bigger on the other side of this membrane. We must hold fast and steady for this transition, dancing all the while with creation under the tree of life.

May 7

May 7

May 7, 11pm

May 8, 3pm

May 8, 9pm

May 10, 9am

May 11, 5:30pm

May 13, 9am

May 14, 10am

Friday, May 7, 2010

Home, Sweet Home...

Well, I finally made the journey back home from sunny Florida. It was hard to leave - the place, the people, the restaurant... But I knew I needed to get back here for some of the sweet Spring in these hills, and to remember my self. Since back, I have already had one weird adventure (getting stranded in Tennessee), and I'm sure there are more coming up. I look forward to the next adventure to TN (in my own vehicle), and to some studio time in Paducah, KY in June. I hope to get back to making regular posts here. Sorry for the gap - that restaurant business takes a lot out of you! Anyway - happy Spring from Moonfrog Holler. Looks like my yard was well protected and my cats are (all 3 of them - see if you can find Pearl in the photo) happy to be home, too. The air smells sweet, the birds sing beautifully and the days are sunny and cool. Oh, and that cold river water surely is refreshing!

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