Monday, February 6, 2012

New Toy...

Ok, so I got an iPhone a few weeks ago, and then yesterday I finally figured out how to put a cool photo app on it. So far I had only enjoyed the much nicer ring tones than my old 6 year old phone (that was dying) and the calendar that synchs to my laptop (very cool and very useful, considering my budding new career). Now I can take fun photos! And it's a square format, that I have missed so much since borrowing Heinz's Hasselblad while at SI. Here are some of the first shots... Enjoy!

(see if you can find the full moon in the image below)

(full moon)

(full moon)

Also, in the last several days, I have watched a group of 5 soaring sandhill cranes circle overhead five times - making their way up to warmer, faster air, found 5 shark's teeth in a local creek, gone to a party where I didn't know a single person there on arriving, yet met some cool peeps and had some great conversations, I received the best massage ever, have breathed deeply, have given chair massage to some really interesting folks at the hospital, and to some caring teachers at a preschool (some of whom came crying because since they were being surprised they thought they were in trouble) - oh, yeah, was licked by a lemur - and today, before the beautiful full moon came into view, a passing swallowtail butterfly, fluttering by, peed on my lip. I think things are shifting...

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