Sunday, June 19, 2011

Been a while

Sorry it's been such a while since my last post. It's been a rich, deep time, but very busy. I moved a couple of times since the last post, so it felt weird to put a new post up after the last one, and of course school has kept me very busy and focused. What a wonderful place/time/experience all around. Much natural beauty, wonderful new people, awareness/consciousness-based learning of a whole new set of skills and ideas, shared by some really lovely teachers and practitioners.

Home is now at the back of an old horse farm, right by the stables. Nice and rustic, once again just like home in so many ways. I can hear the horses and look out past century oaks with swaying moss and palm trees over horse and cow pastures. It's quiet at night and Sundew curiously awaits the armadillo's circling of the bunkhouse each night around 11pm. Sometimes the Sandhill Cranes trumpet me awake, though it seems many have left for the season.

It's late and I'm not going to write a whole lot just now, but just making a post to say I'm still here, still learning and growing and taking in the worlds. Still dreaming (even found just the right, small local dream group to share with) and thinking in pictures...

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