Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Bear...

Yes, this is the bear I braked for!

Friday evening I was doing chair massage in downtown Clayton, at the First Friday event. It was a really nice evening, with some great music and lovely folks. I really love working outside with live music, bare feet on the grass and people loving the chair massage - especially the children. I just love how curious the kids are about it, and how they will keep coming back to get on again.

At some point, an older gentleman approached me and asked if I was the person who had wrecked on Betty Creek Road. I told him yes, and he said that although he wasn't there at the time of the accident, he lives in the house opposite where my truck landed. He thanked me for sparing the bear. Then he told me that the little bear had been in their yard all afternoon. It sure made it seem like that little bear waited around just for me... It had already rained when I came along, meaning he had been out in the rain, too. Anyway, the man told me that they had some video of the bear, and he was kind enough to put it on Youtube for me. In the video, it looks older and larger than I remember the cub that I braked for, but hard to tell, since he/she's laying on his/her stomach while gorging on birdseed...

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