Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Well - I made it back to Georgia last week, and although I'm still unpacking and getting moved into the cabin, I am already set up to work down in Clarkesville at A Garden for Wellness, and I have my home office set up, too.

Yesterday, though, I made it out to the wilderness with my river pal, Laurence. We had a wonderful outing and it was a delight to all the senses along with the Soul!

Fragrance of Fraser Magnolia, Dog Hobble, Galax, river mud, and other blooming things; delicate beauty of Pink Lady Slippers, Trillium, Clintonia,new ferns, bright Bluets, ghosted Hemlocks, Carolina Silver Bells scattered like a light dusting of snow, a hundred shades of green, dwarf irises, more Solomon's Seal than I have ever seen, beautiful bark of old black gum, May Apple blossoms hanging sweetly, Jack in the Pulpit all by himself, orange Flame Azaleas, magnolia blossoms; tart evergreen flavor of young Hemlock tips, fresh green taste of Smilax shoots, hot tea by the river; cool river flowing around toes and shins, heavy rocks to balance on boulders, smoke drifting from kettle fire; sounds of warblers and cardinals, crows, woodpeckers, gurgling creeks, rushing river, quiet crunch of dried brush underfoot, knocking sound of ruffed grouse, and on the way out, ruffed grouse slowly ambling across the gravel road.... It was a wonderful afternoon, and now I feel like I am truly home and ready to get back to work.

Thanks to Laurence, the Ellicott Rock Wilderness and as always to the mighty Chattooga.

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