Friday, March 2, 2012

Resonance, or what feels natural...

It's feeling like an early Spring here in Gainesville, and I imagine up and down the east coast. I have still been adjusting to living in a new place and slowly feeling my way into a new career and even more slowly leaning toward some kind of social life. This is the most elusive piece for me lately, which is strange because it's never been that way for me in other places. And this is ironic, because when I got to Gainesville and started school the better part of a year ago, it looked a lot like I was in a place more rich with my tribe. Things don't always proceed as we expect, though, and change is always happening.

(These first few are taken on Payne's Prairie in Gainesville, around sunset)

Lately, though, I have had some really special - if fleeting - visits from out of town friends. They have reminded me of the richness that can be found in kindred connections with soul friends. They have reminded me, also, that there are folks out there who share my frequency. Maybe it sounds silly to say this, but I tend to forget this for long stretches of time, and sometimes forget who I am when not often encountering clear soul mirrors.

(These are taken in Washington Oaks State Park south of St. Augustine, FL - A place I always love to visit when I'm over that way. Bruce and I had a nice outing there when he was visiting, and we found some circles...)

Speaking of clear soul mirrors, these are all recent photos from my iphone. I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying taking photos with this phone, and it feels really good - this hipstamatic app is like the instant gratification of developing and printing film without the darkroom time.

(These are from a local park here in Gainesville, about 3/4 mile from my house. I love to go there and stomp around in the primordial creek and find shark's teeth and other treasures... )

I was drawn away from the path to this amazing tree (below) by the beauty of its bark and it's spirit. Would you believe that although I was curious about the depression in the bark and photographed it, I did not see the arrow until I later downloaded the photo....

(And back on the prairie again the next weekend...)

(And then to the beach again...)

This last photo I'm posting not because it's a nice photo (obviously it's not), but because I have been thinking about the dophins. I have been a bit concerned because the last couple times I've been over to the beach I have not seen any, and in between these visits I have seen news postings about mass beachings of dead or dying dolphins. Also, I had a dream of dolphins in shallow waters breaking the water's surface and lifting into the air, then turning into birds and then simply vanishing.

When I got home from the beach late last night and downloaded the photos I took at sunset, I saw the dolphin in this photo. Look at the cloud in the center, top of the photo. I see a dolphin....

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