Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trees Being Fire

When I first got up this morning there were pastel pink clouds streaking the muted lavender/blue sky. It was a very peaceful feeling light, though felt like it spoke of snow. Just a little while later, I glanced out the window to see that the trees were on fire. I think it's strange that the last photo I posted on this blog a week or so ago was entitled "trees dancing fire." Now I was at a loss as to what to call these. Trees being fire, I guess. Unfortunately the color doesn't transmit so well over blogger.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

More snow drawings...

Went for a walk yesterday down the road a bit. Enjoyed being inspired once again by subtle drawings in the snow. Some I didn't capture, but always love, were the gentle scrapings made by grasses and the marks left by birds' wings as they took to flight. The drawings I captured are contrasts of shadows and stems.

trees dancing fire

The place where I walked runs along the edge of a forest service prescribed burn. The trees there called to me - all dead from the fire and then being poisoned with an herbicide called clopyralid. They seemed to dance under the beautiful blue sky, with soft clouds passing behind them. Still, begging the questions raised by widespread use of poisons on our public lands and into their composting matter and running waters. We must take responsibility for our part in this strange dance and its consequences. We must begin to dance with the trees, the waters, the earth in her many elements. We must (as we do) share the burdens we have thrust upon her - and we must do so more and more CONSCIOUSLY. As we raise our consciousness in this, healing will occur. May it be so.

Monday, January 10, 2011

More snow...

Well, more quiet time in the cabin, listening to soft freezing rain and watching snowflakes drift down from above. I've managed to keep the cabin pretty warm and the cats are sleeping a lot, up in the warm loft. Wish I could tell you I've been painting or doing something creative, but really have just been enjoying the silence, reading a bit, watching the birds. Here are a few snapshots from just before dusk. I took some video of Sundew in the snow, but haven't put it into the computer yet. Maybe tomorrow.

It's been a strange week, what with birds falling from the sky in so many places and dead fishes washing ashore on various continents and other events I won't name. We really must become clear about how we and the earth are like mirrors for each other. If we have a high cancer rate, it is reflected in our being a cancer upon the earth. Something tells me that if we start treating the earth as our bodies - and our bodies as the earth - we can somehow turn it all around. Can we do this? Can we care for ourselves (and each other) fully? Can we care for our planet fully? None of this is easy. It's so much easier to go the easy route. But that's actually a lie. It's so much easier to do what's needed. But there's only one way to find out the truth in that statement. And to find this way, we must find the truth of what's really needed and act upon it.

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