Sunday, April 10, 2011

I love how life rhymes...

According to my favorite author on the topic of Dreams and Dreaming, Robert Moss, life rhymes. I have noticed this, too, for some time now, and have had a run on these rhymes this last week. First, I went to the local thrift store here in St. Augustine. Although I normally live in GA (my parents and brother live here, and right now I’m spending some time here before going over to Gainesville for massage school soon) it’s the only place I’ve shopped for clothes in several years now. They always have just what I need, and the price is right - $2 per item of clothing. I say I have a great benefactor there, because there are always some items that fit me just right and are my favorite colors. Last week I went in with my mom - we were passing that way and didn’t really need anything, but stopped anyway. I picked up a pair of jeans that looked just my size and a couple of other items and tried them on. The jeans were just the right fit, and basically brand new. I paid my two bucks for them (gladly supporting a local charity) and took them home. When I removed them from the bag and looked at them in better light, I saw the inside of the waist band. Then I knew that of course these jeans were waiting there just for me.

A few days later, I was with my sister, who just got a great new job, so was going shopping for a few things she needed for traveling. She took me into this gigantic shoe warehouse, where there are literally thousands of shoes in one big open space. She’s getting a great salary at her new job, so she said if I found a pair I liked, she’d get ‘em for me. So I wandered around and looked at all manner of shoes - even the dark red patent leather spike heels I’d been wearing in that morning’s dream. After a while I found some Merrills that were very comfortable (I was looking for something good for standing a lot at school) and attractive enough. They fit well and I decided they were the ones for me. Then I looked at the box and saw the item name. SUNDEW. My youngest cat’s name, whom I had just collected from GA the week before. Of course out of thousands of shoes, I picked this one.

Today I was walking out on the deck to go downstairs for something and I looked down only to see the male twin of my cat Honeybear. And of course here she is, looking down at him, too. I doubt they’ll be friends, but there seems to be an extra magnetism here, nonetheless.

I love the way life rhymes. How does your life rhyme?

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KC said...

So true.

When I made a film at Amherst I needed some music for a scene shot on a train. At the library I blindly picked an album at random from hundreds. It turned out to be Prokofiev's 'Alexander Nevsky,' and its driving rhythm was perfect.

Also, when you ran into me in Micanopy, you met one of only three people in the entire state of Florida (Renee and Richard were the others) who knew the place you're living in now was there.

So yeah, magic works, all - the - time. Believe it.


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