Saturday, September 18, 2010


Lately I have been clearing my place a bit, passing some things on and liberating some rocks back to the outdoors. It's been a slow process of lightening the load, so to speak, but it feels like the energy is shifting here.

It feels good this time of year to reorganize a bit and open the space up for the creative energies I feel in the fall as the air grows cooler and the leaves turn warmer as they spiral toward our mother to continue the cycle of life.

I haven't been making work every day for a little while now (although I did get started on a portrait of my mother the last couple of weeks - hopefully you'll see it soon), and this morning I set about making a couple of things to honor some of these rocks I brought home in recent years. It felt so good to sit quietly on the front porch and tie these stones together in harmony with each other to hang along the porch. I love the way the sun shines on them, and through the yellow one and the turtle shell (which is holding some crystals and such from around here). They slowly turn in the gentle breeze, as if thoughtfully looking around them, back and forth taking in the surroundings. The movement is so slow and subtle, it is just enough to give the sense that these stones are alive and maybe even listening as they turn. I think I will make some more...

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Adam Stoltman said...

Always such nice surprises lovely to encounter these stones so beautifully arranged and with such a gentle and soothing description of both your working process and nature's.

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