Saturday, July 31, 2010

Living Web...

I have been mostly busy lately working on a small book of paintings, and a collaboration with Thomas Crowe - a poetry and art broadside publication for a French publisher. I shipped both projects this week and look forward to seeing them in person soon. I will link to my book once I have a copy of it.

This painting emerged one afternoon this past week. It was inspired, in part, by a most perfect web I saw that morning by my front porch. Spiders are amazing weavers. The web in this image by no means repeats the order that I witnessed, but there are aspects that inspired me, such as the long runs between the circular bits that go to attach the web to something structural or terrestrial. There are surprising curves and open stretches. I wonder if the spider dreams the web and what it looks like. I don't imagine the spider ever sees the whole web, do you? Where would the spider go to get a look at the whole thing? I imagine that the dreamtime would afford the best view...


Brooks said...

Read your post early this morning. Went hiking up to Indian Ridge and as I came over the ridge, from the northeast at about 4500 feet to a southwest bald the clouds/mist were about 1000 feet below. The sun had only risen enough where it was throwing streams of light through the trees on the ridge to the clouds below.

Thought about do clouds dream as they dance up and down, slide left and right and appear and disappear or are they just part of that wonderful dream of life.

Thanks for throwing those thoughts out that got caught up in my wed

Honor Woodard said...

Sounds like fun, Brooks. Where is Indian Ridge? I should've been out hiking early this morning - settled for walking down camp creek road.

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