Friday, June 4, 2010

Of the Gods...

Lucy came to visit me in KY and today we went on an adventure toward Garden of the Gods in the Shawnee National Forest. Along the way, we happened upon a place called Millstone Bluff, where there is an undisturbed (mostly) prehistoric Mississipian village - complete with petroglyphs and sunken areas where homes and cemetery had been. There were so many May Apples and Jack in the Pulpit plants up there - but even way more poison ivy. Then we did make it to Garden of the Gods, which was as beautiful as I remember it from 9 years ago when I camped there with another friend. On the way back, I spotted a great big bald eagle in the middle of a field and watched him awhile until he flew off. Then we saw the sign for Kincaid Mounds, so detoured that way before crossing back over the Ohio on a scary steel bridge that made the car swerve back and forth. It was a good day. I didn't paint much, but enjoyed great conversations, took a few snapshots and was inspired by the landscape and the spirit/s of the places we visited. Oh, and crossed the Trail of Tears...

Garden of the Gods




Lichen me

Baldie in the field

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Laurence Holden said...

oooo! 'Lichen Me'really struck a cord. Save it for our Good Medicine Show & Tell.

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