Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope Spring is renewing your creative energies and dreaming spirits, and that all is well wherever you are.


Laurence Holden said...

Stunning image. mournful too, elegiac. mysterious too - we don't know if this is sun or moon, daylight or night. It is troubling in the way that most things are that we aren't sure of. But the mystery of it makes us look again, and again - the way you lead us here from firm foreground gradually into mystery.

Makes me think of a recent poem:


This wild nettle
that is Creation

My touch and words
pinch at the knot there
that is knowing
and not knowing.

Adam Stoltman said...

I don't get a feeling of sadness from this image.......rather one of possibility. It feels inviting in many ways......perhaps this is in some way similar to what Laurence says about leading from firm foreground to me it feels like a call to exploration, yet one where we are supported, and encouraged....yet at the same time gently nudged just a little further out......until we realize we are not beyond ourselves at all.....just that our reach has been extended and sense of what is possible for ourselves and others expanded, much like the power of the human heart.

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