Friday, February 5, 2010

Florida sunset

As I was getting up from scrabble with my mother this evening, I spied out the window a bit of a rainbow. It wasn't much of a rainbow, but with the sun setting opposite, it became more and more beautiful, over the ocean. I have always loved watching the reflection of sunset, looking east. There is something so wonderful about those colors reflecting from the other side...

There were actually two rainbows. You can sort of see the other one just to the right.

And looking west, toward the setting sun...


Brooks said...

Snowing and raining in Rabun County. Me and all your friends sure would like to be at the beech right now watching the sunrise.
Pretty Pics

Laurence Holden said...

ah, looking up from scraps of words at sunset, runes really of a certain way of knowing,and then looking east toward the past, where our ancestors came from, seeing the reflection of the future behind you. Right there at the very beginning of our continent, right there where some of our ancestors first stepped off their boats and saw the same thing. ooooo!

Laurence Holden said...

oh thank you Honor. Beautiful photos. Continue to tell us more about where you are standing on the very shore of the past and the future.

Up here in our mountain coves it comes looming over the edge of dark mountain ridges, spitting snow, whipping icy wind across one's cheek, and it goes suddenly like a candle snuffed out.

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