Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time flies...

It's been a hectic summer, with work, projects and lots of family visiting. Sorry I haven't been posting very regularly. Mostly I have been working on friend Joe's book. He's written a fascinating historical biography about his family, which you can check out at: JosephGatins.blogspot.com. I have been picture editing and designing photo pages and cover layout. Here is a taste...


Clarity said...

The title alone...intriguing.

I like the photograph he chose for the cover too. Welcome back friend.

Brien Engel said...

Hi Honor,

It's nice to look at your posts here, wonderful art work, writing and photographs! Especially enjoying your water reflection and the amazing sky. I thought of a good name for a cat on this trip -- "Raul," which may be a new name for the cat thatg lives where I live (he already has lots of names what's another-- plus he does sort of say "Raul" as he walks by, very sociable part Burmese)


Joseph Gatins ... said...

All: All I can say is that Honor is a jewel of a photo/design editor.
Joe Gatins

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