Sunday, June 1, 2008

back to work...

OK, I'm back from Atlanta for the foreseeable future and intend to paint regularly now. These two (I seem to be in a mode of doing two quick paintings of each arrangement - the first on masonite, second on wood) are of an object that I created several years back, when I lived in Brooklyn. It was an early piece in the beginning of an emerging theme in my work.

"effigy and stone" june 1, 2008 acrylic on masonite

"effigy" june 1, 2008 acrylic on wood

1 comment:

Atlsat said...

How beautiful, a staple of your artwork, it serves you well. The subject and the shadow leading you back to the subject. The colors are so vibrant, giving color to the shadow. Thank you for sharing your stunning art. tm

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