Saturday, June 12, 2010

Strange fluke...

I was in the studio this morning and glanced toward the back door, to see the silhouette of a figure just outside. For some reason this week I've been a bit jumpy and so at first this startled me to see someone sitting or standing literally just outside the back door. How long had they been there? Anyway - just as soon, I noticed a pattern in the window. There are two sheets of bubble wrap hanging in the door window to obscure the view inside, and all of a sudden I saw it. The pattern in the bubbles. This was a young man sitting in the chair I had set outside, and there was just the right amount of dark silhouette against which to make out this pattern. What a pleasant surprise! It seems to fit right into this work I've been doing, so here is what it looked like.

(Rather than startle the person by opening the door right behind him, I waited till he had gotten up and walked away to go outside and speak to him. He needed a light for his cigarette. He usually sits at the Texaco/Info hut, but it's so hot and sunny today, he was seeking shade here. Still is...)

Anyway - this happening is in confluence with many realizations about dreams and waking notions of late....

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Adam Stoltman said...

Beautiful images........and nicely told story.

More about the confluence?

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