Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This does not capture Q exactly the way I had hoped it would, but it does capture facets of him. I look forward to doing another one some day. It was a wonderful and difficult experience, as they all are - and beautiful to share time in such a unique way. We called it "patience."


Clarity said...

What an interesting portrait? Is it a cliche to say that the eyes follow you?

Laurence Holden said...

very strong in a way I haven't noticed you express before - rock solid head - to me something like a dislodged rock of quartz, dented (which a quartz rock could never be), not wounded (which a quartz rock would never allow itself to be), and looking straight at us (which we can only sometimes, though rarely, allow a rock to do).

Brooks said...

Would't have HW if it wasn't your most expressive portrait.

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