Thursday, October 7, 2010

Weaving the web...

I was sitting in a sunny spot out in my yard the other day, leaning on a stump and doing a little reading, and I noticed a tiny spider weaving her tiny web. It was a circular web and she had a ways to go yet. She was working on the circular part - the spiral. Around she was going, in the counter clockwise motion, picking up the spokes as she went round the web.

She continued in this fashion until she made it to the center, where she rested in wait for some small thing to find its way into her spiral creation. It conjured for me the notion of winding something up - of building energy by using a spiral and then having it coiled and ready.

It also made me think of time and the clock - that maybe her spiral represented some backwards in time preparation that would allow the forward motion of time to play out in a certain way - as if winding the web backward in time like rewinding a tape, only the tape hasn’t been played yet, but starts when she is at center.

Then this made me think that being “centered” is here also a crucial aspect in the web of life, and that when we are centered, the whole web of mystery is open to us and ready for whatever is coming or we are creating for it.

Also, in relation to the time spiral thoughts, I recently heard someone talking about a spider who weaves a new web each day (or maybe all spiders do this?), and when I was thinking about the counter clockwise spiral as a time keeper, that it is wound back and throughout the day winds forward until it must be wound again for another day. The spider weaves each day anew, as if dreaming it forward...

Are we each dreamweaving our days anew, and are we ready and “centered” in our great web of mystery, to greet this new day?


Laurence Holden said...

I too have such an orb weaver on my porch, and I've watched her for many mornings diligently repairing her net, and your words here have greatly enlarged for me the net she is weaving. thanks.

Laurence Holden said...

dream weaving - ah, yes! The great project before us: to enter into the dream that brought us here!

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