Friday, May 14, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I had an image in my mind about how we connect to each other and how there is some part of each us in another dimension that is activated by this. It is out of our range of perception, but is there nonetheless. I started working on this visually and it led somewhere else altogether. Each day I have done one of these and I will continue for the time being. I'm not in love with all of them, but sometimes it's nice to include it all for the sake of continuity. Crossing the membrane... pulling the other side through...

From my notes...I feel that time is collapsing in on itself right now. There is a lot of bleed-through. Time seems to be melding. Our earlier lives are coming to the surface, merging. We buy each other time. We activate each other on the other side of the membrane of our current dimension into the next one we are approaching. We are much bigger on the other side of this membrane. We must hold fast and steady for this transition, dancing all the while with creation under the tree of life.

May 7

May 7

May 7, 11pm

May 8, 3pm

May 8, 9pm

May 10, 9am

May 11, 5:30pm

May 13, 9am

May 14, 10am


Laurence Holden said...

Oh! - May11, 5:30 conjures up for me lenses within lenses, like droplets of dew.

Brooks said...

My, my, my. we are off on another adventure. Thanks for including us and please continue, including your writings.
Makes my eyes and heart sing and I feel like a child when I view your drawings.
Nice having Honor back at moonfrog again.

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