Friday, May 7, 2010

Home, Sweet Home...

Well, I finally made the journey back home from sunny Florida. It was hard to leave - the place, the people, the restaurant... But I knew I needed to get back here for some of the sweet Spring in these hills, and to remember my self. Since back, I have already had one weird adventure (getting stranded in Tennessee), and I'm sure there are more coming up. I look forward to the next adventure to TN (in my own vehicle), and to some studio time in Paducah, KY in June. I hope to get back to making regular posts here. Sorry for the gap - that restaurant business takes a lot out of you! Anyway - happy Spring from Moonfrog Holler. Looks like my yard was well protected and my cats are (all 3 of them - see if you can find Pearl in the photo) happy to be home, too. The air smells sweet, the birds sing beautifully and the days are sunny and cool. Oh, and that cold river water surely is refreshing!

1 comment:

Adam Stoltman said...

Good to have you back!

Look forward to future posts.....

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