Saturday, April 11, 2009

This morning..

The wood thrush returned to my woods today. It is something I look forward to all winter - the prettiest song of all. The world here at Moonfrog Hollow is greening and opening to Spring.

I'm afraid the color really doesn't come across on the blog photos so well today. Imagine it's richer and more saturated...

And I'm really happy to see a lot of these guys loading up on my camelias!


Atlsat said...

Great photo set Honor, beautiful captures, my favorite is the last one, says it all.

Clarity said...

Just lovely, the third last, what are they? I'm not a horticulturist so lack the knowledge. What a miracle nature is, renewing, bursting forth. I like the way you met the images at ground level, much more immediate and effective. The rusty nail - poetic.

Honor Woodard said...

Thank you Clarity. Not sure which ones you are asking about. The top one is a bleeding heart plant. It's not native here, but I just love it - they make me happy and come up at the start of Spring. The third to last is moss, then a decaying acorn from a white oak tree on an old fragment of an antique woodstove I found in the woods, and the last is a honeybee on my camelia tree - since they've been disappearing the last couple of years, mysteriously, I was happy to see about thirty of them working the camelia blooms. I'm glad you like the nail. I hesitated to post it, but I liked it. Also, with these last two groups, I'm liking the relationship of each image to the next, the transition of similar shapes on totally differing objects. Thanks for your comments.

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