Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This afternoon's snack...

I went on a really nice outing today with my friends Jack and Brent and some others. Brent mans the southeast office of The Wilderness Society, Jack is a nurse who also happens to be a botanist/ornithologist and we also had another botanist (by trade) and a gentleman who is in the process of raising some hybrid American Chestnut trees. (I'm so lucky!) We were ostensibly on a birding outing led by Jack, but since the higher elevations in western NC where we were are a little behind, we didn't see as many birds as expected, but we did see some RICH cove forest with loads of wildflowers. As the day warmed up and we changed locations, we did see some good birds, too (black throated green warbler, black and white warbler, hooded warbler, cedar waxwing, junco, solitary vireo and a couple others). Sorry I didn't take my camera with me, but I did bring a little something home with me. Interestingly, I have only ever seen one before and was really hoping to find one this year so I could see how they taste. (It was delicious!)


whitney! said...

This is a really beautiful blog. I love your abstracts and the nature pictures!

Clarity said...

That looks otherworldy :) What sort of Mushroom/fungus is it?

Honor Woodard said...

It is a yummy morel mushroom. I am so happy it showed itself to me.

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