Monday, July 14, 2008

Good Morning...

I was out at the lake this morning, having spent the evening with my brother's family who are about to head back to FL, and, as I often do, I went out to watch the sunrise over the cool, quiet morning water. It was a particularly nice morning as we got more than an inch of rain in the last day or so, and the air was fresher and cooler that it's been in a while. I got a lot of sun spots (along with all the dust on my sensor) in some of the sun shots, and in one of the water shots there are some that seem to come alive...

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Atlsat said...

Awesome photos Honor, you were able to capture the first essence of light and its reflection off the lake. Photo 1 has lines going from upper left to lower right about a 10-degree angle from the photo, very interesting. The ripples on photo 4 really make this so asymmetrical. All are great photos!

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