Friday, March 14, 2014

In Transit

as i stand
as this column of light
as i move
through this nature
through this place
through this time
this leaning
into what I cannot see
informs me
this feeling what my eyes see
so deep in my being
press of air against me
expansion of sound inside of me
pooling of spirits
at unrest in my heart space
watery feelings
feathery sensations
reach outward
through my grasping
connecting inwardly
with the skin
of this tree
of this stone
of this stream
where my sole makes contact
with the mother of all things
joining us together all ways
uniting us
beyond our capacity to choose
beyond our discomfort
against each other
in spite of our sensitive skins
our cold feet running
like the clear water
still finding its way
downward, always downward
against the mother
into the womb
of the sea

(One of many faces along the Trail of Tears, this one along the Mantle Rock Trail in Kentucky)

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