Sunday, November 7, 2010

Change of scenery...

I'm not sure why, but it seems that each time I come down to St. Augustine, I somehow bring the cool air of the mountains with me. I am told it was very warm right up until the evening I arrived, and that it will get back up to 80 degrees, oh, on Wednesday, which is the day I had scheduled to drive home. The drive down was really nice this time, with dramatic skies just about all the way, a beautiful sunset over rivers and marshes as I was between Savannah and Jacksonville and some rain on the last stretch with some good thunder and lightning.

Anyway - good thing I'm really here to help with the restaurant some, rather than to get a tan. Cool or not, it's been sunny and beautiful and a bit breezy. It's been nice to spend some time with family and niece and nephews continue to grow and grow interesting. I loved going to Mauro's soccer game and watching all the kids cluster on the field and kick the ball at each other and sometimes into the goals.

Last night was an oyster roast at Genung's Fish Camp, and today Stephen is participating in the "Chowder Debate," where St. Augustinians will see how good his Minorcan Chowder really is!

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Adam Stoltman said...

Looks lovely there by the sea........and an Oyster roast sounds like fun too. Say hello to your folks for me.

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