Monday, February 8, 2010

Afternoon ocean...

I painted some yesterday, since it was cold and windy out. I can sit in the living room here and look out over the ocean. It's amazing to me how much it changes in each and every moment. I started with the painting below, then moved on to totally abstract ones. The photos below will show you why. The paintings were tiny studies (as is this one) so not really suitable for the blog (and these photos are way cooler, anyway). Enjoy. I hope they don't feel repetitive - to me they are all different. See what you think.

Most of these are looking east before sunset...

And looking west, again:


Laurence Holden said...

I've been seeing landscape space here in the mountains in bands and bars and "slabs" for years now, and so take to these immediately. But here in Honor's sequence the solid bands of earth sink to the bottom in a calmness almost like sleep. What is also very exciting about this sequence is the way her spacing between each photo create bands that echo bands in her photos - this really energizes my visual exploration of this column into one tall continuuous image.

Clarity said...

Hello friend.

I adore that painting, very much. It is my favourite of yours so far.


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