Thursday, January 7, 2010


post-meditation string of words...

this is a great web of plasma
i am a cluster of light
a nodule in the web
resonating or pulsing
with other nodules
lightning fast, energy travels
across this web
connecting us
to each other
begging the question
quest ion
what is pulling the energy
around the globe?
what, other than our thoughts,
is affecting the pulse
of this great plasma
orb of light?

1 comment:

Laurence Holden said...

Something about the energy you speak of here and in the last poem too,especially in the sense that is important (and significant to you) - that energy links and connects. makes me want to reply with this that I am working on right now:


Galileo did in Padua find
the laws of falling bodies
dropping lead weights, not birds or dreams.

But as he should have known
all things issue from their source
the sun: each proton

and person descends along
it own particular and precise
frequency. Singing

each falls into matter
with its own signature
echoing. And here

just here
this unerring lightness
of being arises.

- Laurence Holden, 1/10

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