Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Leonard Cohen, interrupted....

I was listening to Leonard Cohen tonight because it fit my sad mood - bird on a wire, actually. As I was listening, I was drawn outside by the sound of a whippoorwill so near that it sounded different than usual. I tiptoed outside with the flip camera to see if I could capture a bit of its song. You may need to put your headphones on...

It reminds me of the strange plaintive sound I heard in the woods today while hiking with a friend. Not sure if it was a bluejay or a mockingbird or what - seemed large for both of those. I thought it may have been a turkey or an animal in distress. It was an odd sound and I spotted the bird as it flew, but only partly - it had a long tail. Also heard Raven's rattle and the whoosh of its wings overhead and Broadwing calling loudly as it does. I guess it was a bird sort of day.

Now there is thunder in the air, and moisture. I welcome the cool they will bring.

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Adam Stoltman said...


I get a chill (in a good way) listening. Thanks for the experience.

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