Friday, August 15, 2008


Yesterday evening I was talking with friends about a dream I had recently. In the dream I said,
"I have been in every body of water on the planet."
This morning early, I saw that a new lily was coming in my pond, but not yet open. Now, a couple hours later, the sun has peeked out and the lily has opened. Since my goldfish usually consume the lily within a day, I thought to capture it this morning.


Anonymous said...

William Stafford could have written this poem just for you:

William Stafford

Inhabiting a Song

Somewhere back of my throat a tune
hovers. My voice or the ghost of my voice
follows, repeating words and weaving
a record of my life into waves and hesitations.

Suppose our chorus, people and animals,
rises and falls in inervals of breath:
in sleep a dog’s paw twitches; a rabbit’s
dream follows its heartbeat all the way
through some ballad that its life is.

Parts of my song disappear, fade out
except for a beat that spans a known
part to another known part, and on.
Even in silence when shadows pass
my throat is full of the sound of the world.


Atlsat said...

Beautiful photo, a bright colorful lily in the dark pond. What a dream to touch every body of water on earth.

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